IRMO Kushesh

In IRMO Kushesh (09/21/2018, 4A/D1) the court briefly considered the culture of "male preferred transactions" among the Iranian families. In rejection of Husband's argument that all the money for the down payment of a condominium, including the funds transferred by the Wife's father, had come from his separate bank, the Court stated:

"As to why those funds had been channeled through Husband’s account,..., Wife testified, “cultural” 2 considerations had motivated her father to send the money to Husband....".

[FN] 2: "Wife’s testimony on the issue was: "Q. And why did your father not wire the money to your account, if you had an account? A. To be honest, it's just my father, he loved Wishtasb, and he trusted him. He thought he knows and – I don't know. It's a culture thing, I guess. Like, men like to deal with men." (Emphasis added)

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