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Dear Abbas,

It was an outstanding program. I particularly was impressed with the disability portion. You are such an asset to our profession. So many of our seminars have programs that assume the clients have money to implement their recommendations. Your program truly focuses on the "access to justice" for everyone. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

Bes wishes,


Dear Abbas,

A quick note to congratulate you on sch a successful program this past weekend. Your programming was absolutely superb.

Thank you

Kendra Thomas


Your pure devotion to this competency conference from year to year is inspiring like none other. I am so very grateful you keep me involved. As you know, my most favorite. I get goosebumps and did this year. I am not Catholic, but want to use their system for effect: you should be sainted one day because of your generosity of spirit.


Dear Messrs. Hadjian and Spiller,

Another excellent seminar! How you do it year after year is a great mystery to me, but you have my admiration and thanks. I know that you wanted to have many more bench officers involved in the lunch panel but I hope you agree that it was a good decision to feature the newer generation of the family law bench, not “the usual suspects,” and to have a smaller panel in order to give everyone plenty of time to talk. Wasn’t it fascinating to hear their back stories, as Laurel called them?
Again, thank you for putting on this seminar.

Judge Christine Byrd, LASC

Dear Abbas:

I was very happy to watch the 9th Annual Cultural Competency Seminar this morning (and early afternoon). It was fascinating to hear from such a variety of judicial officers, and both pre-lunch programs were enlightening.
Thanks again for creating this and making it continue all these years. I'm pretty aware of how much work and passion and sweat it takes.

Best regards,

Commissioner Keith M. Clemens (Ret.)

Yes, that time of the year had come. The last Saturday of July for our annual cultural competency seminar. Although we couldn’t meet in-person to enjoy the usual fantabulous Persian lunch (Abbas Hadjian) or French breakfast ( Elie Seyedian), the program was 👍 as always. Nicely done, Abbas, Gitu Bhatia, Diane Goodman, Ana Storey (I did take screenshots of your fabulous panel but for some odd reason those didn’t get saved..), Linda Bortell, Laurel Brauer, and so many judges who participated in our “lunch with your family law judges” panel!
Now back to trial prep’ing!!


Early morning introducing the Family Law Section, Los Angeles County Bar Association at the virtual Cultural Competency in Family Law Program. If you ever wondered if a small group of highly motivated people can make a change, just speak to our FLEXCOM Chair Elect, Abbas Hadjian who is a founding member of the Cultural Competency in the Practice of Family Law Program. This is one of the most significant programs for Family Law each year as it keeps Top of Mind that there are differences between our diverse cultures in Family Law. Important stuff for everyone involved in Family Law: lawyers, judges, accountants, therapists and evaluators. FMBK is proud to be a sponsor. Feinberg Mindel Brandt & Klein LLP; The Los Angeles County Bar Association - LACBA; American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


Another wonderful program, Abbas. Missed the fabulous food. Next year!

Ellyn Stein

Abbas -- what a FANTASTIC program. Wonderful panelises and topics. You have created a tremendous and very durable, important, informative and FUN program.

Mike Kretzmer, CFLS

Congratulations on a truly excellent program -- it was uniquely compelling! Thank you for putting on this program (I know from experience how difficult it is to put these programs together), and thank you for encouraging me to attend.

Best, Glen