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Today's Cultural Competency program was excellent.
I wanted to congratulate you on the adoption of the Cultural Competency program as a core part of LACBA Family Law Section's annual MCLE program. You built the program into something valuable enough and important enough to be adopted by the most important family law institution in L.A. That's an accomplishment worthy of great acknowledgement.

Commissioner Keith M. Clemens (Ret.)

Just wanted to congratulate you on an incredible seminar. I always learn so much. I really like the description and definition that Bill Spiller explained for Convivencia. I will have a conversation with my godchild in Madrid about the word. She's an English teacher there. I wonder how they define it. My wife and I were there last year and traveled through Portugal and Spain. Nice trip, with great food, and nice people, if you forget about the dictatorship [Franco] and the Inquisition.

I look forward to next year's event, seeing everyone in person, and that great food!!! All the best my friend!

Robert Borsky, CFLS