New Frontiers of Divorce


8:20 to 8:30:
8:30 to 9:30:
PANEL I: Immigrants Divorce: Psychological issues, Interactions between Federal Immigration Law and California Family Law
Speakers:Hon. Ashley A. Tabaddor, Immigration Judge LA (Personal Capacity); Foojan Zeinie, Psy. D. MFT; Hon. Gita Vahid Tehrani, Immigration Judge LA (Personal Capacity)
Liaison:Arsalan Hayatdavoodi, Esq.
9:35 to 10:35:
PANEL II: Mixed Divorce: Interrace, Interfaith, and Intercultural Family Litigation
Speakers:Hon. Patrick A. Cathcart, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; Linda Bortell, Psy.D.
Moderator:Diana L. Martinez, Esq..
Liaison:Atousa Saei, Esq.
10:35 to 10:45:

10:45 to 11:45:
PANEL III: Gray Divorce, 55 years and older: Characteristics, Interaction between California Probate and Family Law
Speakers:Hon. Mark A. Juhas, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; Hon. Reva G. Goetz, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court
Moderator:Peter Walzer, Esq., CFLS, AAML, IAML
Liaison:Jonathan Termechi, Esq.
11:45 to 12:45:
LUNCH BREAK (Traditional Iranian and vegetarian dishes)

12:00 to 13:00:
Panel IV: Lunch With Your Family Law Judge: Q&A with Judges of diverse ethnicity, faith, gender, race.
Participants:Hon. Holly J. Fujie, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; Hon. Lon F. Hurwitz, Supervising Judge, Family Law Panel , Orange County; Hon. Bruce G. Iwasaki, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court, Hon. Maren E. Nelson, Supervising Judge, Family Law Division, Los Angeles Superior Court; Hon. B. Scott Silverman, Judge Los Angeles Superior Court
Moderators:B. Laurel Brauer, Esq., CFLS; Abbas Hadjian, Esq., CFLS; Steven G. Hittelman, Esq., CFLS
13:10 to 14:10:
PANEL V: Micro Aggression Gone Violent: Cultural Behavior amounting to Domestic Violence
Speakers:Hon. D. Zeke Ziedler, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; Hon. Cynthia L. Loo, Comm., Mariposa County Superior Court
Moderator:Gitu Bhatia, Psy. D.
14:15 to 15:30:
PANEL VI: Same Sex Divorce: Impact of USSC's Decision on California Family Practice
Speakers:Hon. Harvey A. Silberman, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; Stephen C. Phillips, J.D., Psy. D. ; Diane Goodman, Esq.
Moderator:F. Faye Nia, Esq., CFLS
Liaison:Kian Moghbeli, Esq.
15:30 to 15:45:

15:45 to 17:00:
PANEL VII: Marvin Actions , Domestic Partnerships, Invalid Marriage Divorces
Speakers:Hon. Frederick C. Shaller, Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court; Connolly Oyler, Esq., AAML; Carol Newman, Esq.
Moderator:Steve Zand Esq., CFLS
Liaison:Nellie Azimzadeh, Esq.