The traditional concept of Fatherhood was changed generations ago. The words Husband, Wife, Head of Household became derogatory. No one remembers when the gender identifiers Men and Women were abandoned in the Family Code. Even parents introduce "my child" instead of "my Son" and "my Daughter".

The year is 2030

Half of the Californian parents are Single, Same-sex, Divorced, or War widowed. Community Property and its division is a thing of the past, i.e., the unequal employment and pay. Asking for Spousal Support is an embarrassing concept, a left over from the #MeToo era. Children have no Father, or more than one. And with these changes came the inevitable reformation of Child Custody and Parental Planning. And with it reasons and structure of the Child Support.

The lenses of the Annual Cultural Competency Seminar in Family Law Practice this year turned local. This year we study family structure, marital difficulties and divorce dynamics among the three fast developing California sub-cultures: Millennial, Military, and Multi-Parenting Families. We also look at the historically ignored property, financial and support issues specific to the Native Americans.

More than 20 active Family Law Bench Officers share their day and views and discuss cultural issues impacting your practice in the popular hour long "Lunch With Your Family Law Judge". Four Panels of Family Law Judicial Officers, Psychologists, University Professors and Attorneys provide an amazing insight in the present and future of our practice. See Announcement and Program attached.

USE THIS LINK for early (discounted) registration for the most intimate, informative and inexpensive seminar of the year. Saturday, July 27, 2019, 8:30 AM to 4:00PM. 9800 S. La Cienega Blvd. (University of West Los Angeles, LAX Campus). Receive 6 hours of MCLE, Family Law Legal Specialization and General, including 3 hours of Special Credits. Parking, French Breakfast, and Persian Lunch (traditional and vegetarian) are included and provided free of charge.

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