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An extraordinary event. Honored to be present. I will push for AAML participation next year and hopefully each year thereafter. Kuddos to you!!!! Warmly.

Neal R. Hersh, CFLS (Chair, AAML, Southern California)


Wow! I hope some of the rest of you are participating in Abbas’ Zoom seminar that we agreed to sponsor. Not only has it been outstanding, but it is truly eye opening. I mistakenly thought I was pretty well versed in some of these issues, but I am not. I am so pleased Abbas brought this to us, and it needs to be brought to the larger group. I am proud that AAML has sponsored this.

Sandra Mayberry, CFLS (San Diego)

Not to be missed

First, congratulations to Abbas Habjian for the very successful and very relevant 8th Annual Cultural Competency In Family Law Practice Seminar held this past Saturday, July 25. This year’s program examined the cultural aspects of lockdown during this time of isolation and in particular the impact of the COVID shut down on cultural and marginalized communities. It was our section’s first major ZOOM seminar (5 hours) , there were 167 attendees (from three different states) and included input from 22 judges and 3 mental health professionals. (And more judges and MHP attended the program.) This is an annual program that is not to be missed.

Paula Kane, CFLS (Chair Family Law Section, LACBA)


Thank you so much for including us in your seminar. It was amazing! I have already put in my President’s Message for ACFLS’s Fall’s newsletter a pitch for this year’s recording and for next year as well! Thank you so much!

Dianne Fetzer, CFLS (Chair, ACFLS, California)

In Awe

Dear Abbas,
Thank you for asking me to participate! It's such an amazing seminar. I'm in awe of what you've been able to accomplish. All the best,


Enjoyed, Without Parking and Traffic

Another great year. I enjoyed it and no issues with parking or traffic.

Hon. Robert A. Schnider, Judge Retired

Consciousness Raising

Great seminar, very informative and consciousness raising. Please tell Meiko Hi for me as she is a friend of my daughter. Any way I usually do not do these huge evals....sorry, all were good...

Hon. Linda L. Miller, Judge Retired

Extraordinarily Thorough

I would appreciate a chance to comment. The program is extraordinarily thorough and effective.

Hon. B. Scott Silverman, Judge Retired

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov! This was a great day. You did an awesome job putting it all together under challenging circumstances. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

Diane M. Goodman, JD, PhD (Law & Mediation Office of Diane M. Goodman, APC )

Bringing Us Together

Thank YOU Abbas for bringing us together and continuing to move forward in this education for all.

Linda Bortell, Psy.D.

Wonderful Class

Thank you for another wonderful class.

Diane E. Wolf, CFLS

Make this Happen

Thank you Abbas and for all you did to make this happen!

Michael Comlish, MA, LMFT

Enjoyed it

Great program Mr. Hadjian. Really enjoyed it.

Hon. Hank Goldberg, Judge Retired

Great presentation

Great presentation Abbas! Thanks for another wonderful seminar!! Wishing you good health,

Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.


This year's Cultural Competency Program was excellent!

Sincerely, Steve Garelick., CPA

Well Worth My Saturday Morning

This was a wonderful seminar and well worth my Saturday morning. Thank you for your vision. I look forward to next year. Can you provide me a copy of the Power point?

Thank you, Sincerely, Linda A. Lindsey, Esq.

My Favorite

My favorite seminar and did not disappoint. Thank you Abbas for your commitment and your graciousness. So very thankful to Mr. Spiller for his sharing, his patience and guidance and his understanding that we desperately need to hear from him.

Laurel Brauer, CFLS

Glad Able to Attend

Dear Abbas: Thank you so much for coordinating this seminar. It was excellent and I am so glad I was able to attend. You’ve done a really great thing with this seminar and I think it’s address is one of the most needed aspects of practice in our industry. If you ever need my assistance in putting this seminar on, in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Best personal regards.

Sincerely, Marshall W. Waller, CFLS

Congratulations Dad

Congratulations Dad! What a great event and very interesting and relevant topics. From what I saw it was a huge success. Let's do just a Hadjian family zoom soon.

Love, Nazie Johansson

Great Program

Hi Abbas, great program.

Harold Stanton, CFLS


Fabulous Seminar. Truly amazing. I love all the pictures of the participants that you showed at the end. You are a very knowledgeable seminar presenter! They get better and better. Everyone wants to do a good job. Highly motivate presenters. I had a chance tp read CCFP’s web site. I am so impressed. Do you ever sleep? Thank you,

L. Ernestine Fields, Esq.

Absolutely Excellent

The program was absolutely excellent. Thank you for your leadership, Harry& David lunch and for the opportunity to learn so much.

Stanley J. Dale, MA, JD, CCEP

Meika Was Fantastic

As some panelists said in their testimonials about you, your kindness and grace are always in the forefront of how you present. This sets the tone for creating a context in which such conversations can take place. Thank you for persisting and the extraordinary impact of your long term efforts. Perhaps we can have 2 of these per year? Could have used a whole day just on the LGBTQ issues that arise with DV and other legal matters . Meika was fantastic as was her therapist counterpart. With heart felt gratitude flowing your way,

Ria Severance, LMFT

I was so interested

Thank you for an amazing program. I was so interested I waited until I logged out so am sending to you. Thank you again for all you do on such important issues. Regards,

Hali E. Ziff, Esq. Attorney at Law and Mediator


Terrific Program.

Marian L. Stanton, Esq.


Excellent program today. Thank you,

Norma Nogueda, Esq.


Thank you for a wonderful conference!

Cheryl A. Smit, Esq.

Most Amazing Program Ever

Most amazing program ever!!!! I am so blessed to be a part of history. Everyone was amazing and offered incredible tips on being a better lawyer in the pandemic and beyond.

Luella G. Hairston, Esq.

Vision, Awareness

Thank you Abbas for having the vision and helping us increase the awareness and knowledge of cultural issues in our community. I loved the video with wonderful “memories”. We have to continue doing this work and not lose any momentum. Thank you everyone! Best,

Gitu Bhatia,Psy.D.

Service to Community

Abbas, you did a wonderful job and service to our community with this program.

Patrick DeCarolis, Jr.

Great Presentation

Thank you for a great presentation.

Suzanna Megrabyan, Esq. (FMBK)

Amazing Program

Dear Mr. Hadjian: I thank you and the panels for all of your efforts. I think this was an amazing program! I look forward to receiving my certificate of attendance. Sincerely yours,

Bonnie L. Johnson, Esq. (Walnut Creek)


Dear Abbas, Thank you for the outstanding Cultural Competency Seminar.

Michelle Daneshrad, CFLS

Hard Work

Abbas, Thanks for the all of the hard work to put on program. Thanks!

Jeremy B. Kline, CFLS (FMBK)

Loved it

Thanks again for such a wonderful event! It was my first time attending! Loved it!

Lourdes Galvan, Esq. Los Angeles center for Law and Justice


The program was excellent. Thank you.

Maryam Zand, Esq.

Incredibly Creative

That was an incredibly creative seminar this year, certainly addressing our most immediate challenges due to the health crises. I gave 5’s to everyone. I also thought it was such a warm touch to close with the historic video of the series of seminars.
My comment on one of the forms harkens back to my request to have a panel of mediators addressing culture and prejudice in the most open form available in law: mediation.
Because I had attended several of these seminars when I was assigned, as a mediator, a LACBA attorney client fee dispute with a Persian attorney and Armenian client. I first asked the client why, after hiring and firing eight previous attorneys, did he choose the attorney in this fee dispute. The client said it because of the culture that they shared. The client further stated that he felt he would be understood more if he worked with an attorney within his own culture. This was a surprise to the attorney, and allowed the attorney to approach the mediation differently. It resolved within three hours. Take Care,

Judith M. Weigle, Legal Document Assistant, Mediator, Podcast Host

Best One All Year

I agree with Laurel Brauer that this seminar/webinar is the best one all year. I will look forward to attending next year. Thank you again for all your hard work. Also thank you to Bill Spiller, your co host! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. You deserve it.

Michael P. Flattery, Esq.

Relevant and Educational

Thank you for an outstanding seminar, it was so relevant and educational. I plan to attend your next one. Have a great day.

Terri L. Asanovich, L.M.F.T.

Wonderful Seminar

Thank you for hosting such an wonderful seminar. Very truly yours,

Rosa Bugarin, Esq. (Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice)


Thank you for a great presentation. Excellent.

S. Faye Snyder, PsyD

Absolutely Awestruck

I am writing this morning because I was absolutely awestruck at the level of participation from the bench and the legal community this past Saturday; so much so that it took two days to gather my thoughts. I dare say that Saturday’s seminar was the best I have ever attended. I cannot express enough my thanks for the time that everyone put into making this seminar educationally enriching and a success. I am honored by the fact that Abbas chose to have me co host the event, but I am more than amazed at the presentation(s) from each of you and the common sense advice given to the attendees. We are truly fortunate to have all of you appear and speak to us in a non courtroom setting. I think that the messages came across loud and clear. I only wish (admittedly selfishly) that your entire careers on the bench are spent in the Family Law arena. There are none better. Very truly yours,

William Spiller, Jr., Esq.

Put a Face to the Names

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for putting together the Cultural Competency Seminar this past weekend. I'm a student at UWLA and I work for a family law firm and it was great to see the Judges and actually put a face to some of the names that I hear about every now and again. It was also good to see a seminar and how it works and to see what I have to look forward to once I, God willing, become an attorney. Thank you again. Be well. Kindly,

Erika Gamiz

Generosity and Hospitality

Good morning Jeremy and Abbas, I wanted to send a special thank you for your incredible generosity and hospitality in sending food to enjoy during today's CLE. It is much appreciated! I hope to meet you in person next year. Best wishes to you for safety and good health. Kind regards,

Suma Mathai, Esq., MSW

Exceeded My Expectations

The program exceeded my expectations. This was my first time attending, but I plan on attending next year. Thank you,

Jeralyn. C. Ehlers, CFLS

Sorry Missed Previous Years

Great seminar! I’m sorry that I’ve missed previous years. Thanks again.

Pamela Edwards Swift, CFLS

Hope to Attend next Year

Thank you for the wonderful webinar! I hope to attend next year.

Beth S. Pumerantz, MS, MA, LMFT

Should Be Mandatory

Great Seminar Abbas Your webinar should be mandatory viewing for every family lawyer and family law judge. Well done.

Donlad S. Eisenberg, CFLS

Amazing Experience

An amazing experience in our new (hopefully very temporary ) world ! So well done ! I look forward to next year. Thank you so much for putting it together,

S.P.Spitzer, Esq