Event, Panels, Discussion, Sponsors and Management
Abbas Hadjian, Esq.
Welcome Ceremony
Panel 1: Culture and Lockdown in Marginalized Populations
Impact of COVID on cultural communities, focusing on children, socioeconomics and immigration.
Speakers: Hon. Mark A. Juhas, Judge, Family Law, LASC, President of the Association of Family Conciliation Courts, California Chapter; Linda L. Bortell, Psy.D., Bortell Psychological Inc.; Shuray Ghorishi, Esq., Senior Managing Attorney, FAMILY VIOLENCE APPELLATE PROJECT (California)
Moderator: Gitu Bhatia, Psy. D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Q&A Panel 1 / Break
Panel 2: Culture and Lockdown in LGBTQ Families
How stereotypes about LGBT people may affect the response by police and the courts to complaints of intimate partner violence.
Speakers: Hon. Amy M. Pellman, Judge, LASC (Family Law & Dependency Courts); Michael Comlish, M.A., MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist, Mieko Failey, Esq.
Moderator: Diane M. Goodman, Esq., PhD, Law & Mediation Office of Diane M. Goodman, APC
Q&A Panel 2 / Break
Panel 3 - Lunch with Your Family Law Judge
Hon. Michael Amerian, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Christine Byrd, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Gia G. Bosley, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Doreen Boxer, Comm. (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Laura Cohen, Comm. (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Michael Convey, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon Angela J. Davis, Comm. (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Firdous F. Dordi, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Alexander Giza, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Dean Hansel, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Bruce G. Iwasaki, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Esther P. Kim, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Amy M. Pellman, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Maria Puente-Porras, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Lawrence P. Riff, Supervising Judge, Family Law Division, LASC; Hon. Gary Roberts, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Jonathan Rosenbloom, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Michelle Short, Judge (Family Law), LASC; Hon. Ashley Tabaddor, Immigration Judge, President, National Association of Immigration Judges (personal capacity)
Presiding Judicial Officers: Hon. Christine Byrd, Judge LASC; Hon Bruce G. Iwasaki, Judge LASC
Moderators: Laurel Brauer, Esq.; Jinna Kang, Esq.; Steve S. Zand, Esq.
Abbas Hadjian, Esq.